Songstress extraordinaire

Welcome to my website,here you can find out who i am, what i do and where to find me.


"Lily Osborne, what a great voice!" Suggs (Madness)

"Lily Osborne has such a beautiful tone to her voice, i honestly get shivers. She also likes to add a sense of quirkiness to her live sets, i find it fascinating to watch her" Liz McClarnon, Atomic Kitten and TV personality.

"I am working with the lovely and talented Lily Osborne. Great fun and a great pleasure. She actually sings stuff that i like" Laurie Holloway, The Parkinson Show and Strictly Come Dancing.

"Lily has such a strong magical presence. I loved that moment on The War Of The Worlds Tour when we got to hold hands for our bow every night, it was my favourite bit." Justin Hayward, Moody Blues.

"How refreshing. A fine young singer who actually communicates with her audience. She'll go far" Barry Mason the legendary songwriter, catalogue including hits like "Delilah" and "The Last Waltz".

"I've known Lily Osborne since she was born. No-one would've believed that many years later Lily would become in her own right, a most talented singer, actress and performer and actually wind up appearing in two of our arena productions of my musical version of The War Of The Worlds for which her dad Gary (one of the foremost lyricists ever to come out of the UK) wrote the very largest percentage of the lyrics. "Lily is truly versatile and it wouldn't surprise me if she conquered stage, screen, records and all other media, just as long as she keeps her diary open to come back to help me conquer the Martians." Jeff Wayne composer of The War Of The Worlds